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Individualized instruction

  • Everyone learns at his/her own pace; if you want to interrupt and ask a question, you can without feeling like you are holding up the class.

  • You are a person who already uses a program proficiently. A unique situation arises and you need to know more about a command on a menu.

    If I can help you over the phone, great! We can also use a web program that allows, with your permission, remote access to your computer. If neither the phone nor remote access solves an issue then I can come over for a personalized learning/troubleshooting session.

  • The lessons can be structured and tailored to your needs or you can have your own agenda.

  • It is nice to be able to learn and practice on your own computer in the comfort of your home or office.

  • You can start your learning sessions at any time.

Knowledge and skills

  • education in purchasing a computer and/or peripherals

  • basic troubleshooting of the computer

  • basics of organizing files

  • installing new software programs

  • basic education of internet/email

  • find what you need on the Internet and download it

  • use your digital camera

  • edit images and enhance photos

  • set up and use peripherals such a scanner, printer, fax, digital camera, etc.

  • basic functions of Windows 10

  • basic functions of Apple computers

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