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Tutor On Your Computer™ is my business that I started in September of 2000. I had been working with a student on an informal basis. She gets the 'blame' for sparking the idea of starting this business known as: 

Tutor On Your Computer™

I have met a variety of people at various levels of computer ability. Some of my students have given me some really good challenges like fighting with endnotes and footnotes but we persevered!

Not only do I teach the basics of Windows, I also include basic WordPad, the various office suites that are available, as well as the various email programs. It's not a problem to go on a tangent; I will teach what the student wants to learn. 

Some students want to fill in the gaps in their computer knowledge. I will develop lessons for whatever skills a student wants to add to or strengthen. 

If I don't know the topic, give me some time and I will learn it so I can teach you.

digital camera 
multi-function printer
MS Office®
Corel WordPerfect®

Open Source Office Suites

If you don't have a computer, I can loan you one for the duration of your lessons. If you aren't sure whether you want a desktop or a laptop, try a loaner until you decide.

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